Benefit of A Healthy Heart-Eat-Oat-Cereal-Daily

Oats Usage Benefits Healthy Heart Did you know, having a bowl or cup of gluten-free Oat cereal or porridge can keep you away from the doctor’s office?  Yes, oats are a food option that offers a lot of nutritional value to your health. Oats or oatmeal can be consumed daily for your breakfast, which is … Read more

Healthier Heart Nutrim

Healthier heart Let’s start today by taking care of yourself by taking action on keeping your heart healthy, cause a healthier heart gives you a longer life in this troublesome world. There are several things that can be done to make this happen, such as eating the right food, like vegetables, fruits, whole grain products, … Read more

About Me

About Me I am a single/retiree, have five grown children and eight grandchildren. Originated from the Island of Jamaica. Entered the USA in mid 70th, worked odd’s and end jobs daily, went to night program to further my education, then acquire some colleges level certificate, achieved an Associate In Applied Science degree. My first job … Read more