Health Wellness And Body Inside And Outside

Our health wellness and body inside and outside are centered on our happiness and well-being, proper nutrition is the foundation of healthy food sources. Our strength, energy, mood, and ability to stay healthy are all tied to nutrition to give you wellness inside and outside of your body. Taking care of your health overall is extremely important when your feed on healthy intake daily, that of energy and a variety of nutrients, including protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, and sodium.


Let’s talk about nutritional things that are very essential to our well-being. Fruits supply our bodies with fiber and essential nutrients. Fruit is also low in calories, sodium, and fat. Fruits are also high in sugar. But with careful choosing the right fruits that are fresh from the farm that is organic.

High Sugar Fruits

However, different fruits have different levels of sugar, therefore it’s important to be very mindful of that. For example, take a mango that has 46 grams of sugar, and if you’re a lover of mango, it would be best not to have a whole mango at one eating, but just a few slices at a time.
Mango is juicy and delicious, from experience growing up in the tropical area where

mangoes are vast during their seasons of summer, and we would get carried away by its sweet taste and the health benefits it gives.

It’s a fact that there are a thousand different varieties of mangoes, in all shapes sizes, and levels of sweetness, and it has all the benefits your body needs. It has plenty of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.


Eating mangoes with the help of a regular basis keeps cholesterol in a balanced state, mangoes help keep high and low cholesterol from rising due to richness in fibers.

Research shows by many prestigious universities, where tests were done on mangoes. One of their findings eating mangoes on a regular basis keeps cholesterol in a balanced state, mangoes help both high and low cholesterol from rising due to the richness in fibers, pectin, and vitamin C. With the combination of these benefits they play a crucial role in your health, to tap it off, add some potassium in the mix it will keep heart healthy and free from stroke or attack.

When on a diet for weight loss, mango is one of those fruits you may want to skip or decrease the amount of your sugar intake. Mango is not the only fruit that contains sugar. For an instant, a cup of Cherries has 18 grams, Pears, Watermelon, Figs, Banana, all have 18 grams, Cherries have 23 grams, to name a few sugary fruits, and Avocados have less sugar.

Low Sugar Fruits

Having fruits is essential because it provides our vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It hydrates us, also it provides fiber that we need and it’s very filling.  Eat a diet rich in foods that contain fiber like dry beans, whole grain, whole wheat, or brand cereals that are unsweetened, fruits as berries, banana, vegetables rich in vitamins A and C.

But not all fruits are full of sugar. A whole avocado has only 1.33 grams of sugar. Add it to a salad, spread it on toast, or make guacamole. However, while they’re low in sugar, they’re high in calories, so it is not a good idea to have them on a daily basis.

Some fruits that are lower in sugar are Strawberries, Grapefruit, Plums, Raspberries, Avocados, Limes and Lemons, Oranges, at least one cup has as little as 7 grams of sugar. All of these fruits provide high fiber and contain very little sugar. One of the best options is to consider that are high in fiber and low sugar would be.

The intake of some fruits daily or two to three times per week enhances and supports our normal growth development, and aging. It also helps to maintain healthy body weight and reduces the risk of chronic disease that leads to our overall health and well-being.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020external icon, While maintaining a well-balanced diet, and a healthy diet, it’s a healthy choice to be physically active in exercising regularly to have a healthy lifestyle. Take a daily walk, dancing, tennis, or even water exercises helps our lifestyle in losing inches where it is needed.

Balance A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a kind that helps maintain and improve our overall health, it provides our body with the essential nutrition: fluid, macronutrients, and adequate calories.

Balancing a healthy diet will depend also on our age, lifestyle, physical activity, the type of food we are accustomed to eating which depends also on our culture.

Many people eat more regular food that is high in energy, fat, sugar-free, salt, or sodium but doesn’t eat enough vegetables, fruits, and food with whole grains.

Which leave our body Vulnerable to developed chronic disease like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Let’s look at eating out, it’s wonderful and enjoyable, but restaurants tend to serve some meals in large amounts which can be high in calories, fats, and salt.

So be mindful when ordering your meals stay in the line of salads with lean meats, low fat or fat-free dressing, preferable on the side to controls the amount your use.

Also choose foods that are broiled, baked, grilled, steamed, instead of fried and you still enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.

Drinking enough fluids is important for your body to perform properly, this is true for all humans, but greater for older adults, because they don’t feel thirsty even if their bodies need fluids.

It is best to drink plenty of water instead of surgery liquid-like bottled or canned juice which contains added sodium and sugar.


In vegetables‘ there are many nutritional benefits that give your body the nutrition it needs and keep your body healthy inside and out. Leafy green vegetables like Spinach are one of the healthiest vegetables, Broccoli, Kale, and Brussels Sprouts are some of many that have the ability to fight inflammation and reduce the risk of disease.

Lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C, improves skin health, weight loss, sprinkles on your salad, it also aids bad breath when adding to a glass of water and drink after a meal or first thing in the morning.

When it comes to vegetables, it is more benefits leaving the skin on when baking red sweet potatoes, the same for fruits, but washed thoroughly. Great snacks are pears, apples, peaches. Plum, and plum tomatoes.

In summary

Having a wellness healthy body is by eating healthier, healthy nutrition sugar-free, or low sugary fruits. Strawberries and other fruits as Avocados, Grapefruits, Blackberries, Lemon and Lime, are some of many that are high in fiber but low in sugar also would be berries and Avocado.

In general, the fruits lowest in sugar, berries are among the highest in fiber, as well as antioxidants and other nutrients. On the vegetables’ kind of nutrition is the leafy greens are among the best choice, spinach, broccoli, cabbages, Asparagus, to name a few.

Eating a nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy weight is part of a healthy lifestyle. As regular physical activity is very important for mental health for us all. When you balance together with the habits in physical activity, a healthy diet, you will achieve the best health.

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29 thoughts on “Health Wellness And Body Inside And Outside”

  1. These here are some very good tips for me and I like how you can tell me the best things that I can do to get the best out of life. I’m happy that I can learn this and I should make sure that I put this in my wellness routine and also make sure that this that you are talking about here greatly help me.

    • Hello John, thanks for reaching my article, and glad you walk away with some benefits. As I wright and research the benefits on quality of wellness, I try to maintain that lifestyle too.

      To your health.


  2. Wellness is very necessary for one to live a wonderful life. Wellness should be a top most priority for everybody and we should not focus on wellness on the inside or outside alone, we should focus on both. Thanks for using this article to pint this out. This is a great article.

    • You’re welcome Kelvin, I appreciate your kindness and support of this post; having wellness of the body is overall, because what you put on the inside it does reflect and show on the outside, so both area’s  is effected, therefore, I am very conscious of my intake.

  3. Personally, I suffer from type 1 diabetes so fruits can be really tricky for me. All of the nutritionists I’ve been to have told me that a banana is one of the fruits – along with mangoes – which contain the most sugary extracts. It’s best to eat them with precaution and in small portions so we can manage or blood levels even if we’re not diabetic. 

    • You are correct Stephanie, some fruits are high in sugar, and you have to be mindful in choosing the ones that are much lower in sugar like Strawberries, Blackberries, Kiwis, grapefruit, Lemmon, and vegetables as Avocado and cucumbers are few of many that is less sugary things to eat. 

      Thanks for your comment.


  4. It’s definitely necessary to have a healthy and well-balanced diet on a regular basis. I’ve been striving for that all my life and focus on low-carb fruits, eggs, fish, vegetables, almonds, and nuts. I also drink lemon water and various herbal teas. 
    You are right that many people eat too many calories, too much sugar and salt, and don’t care about nutrients in their diet and then they wonder why they become ill. I think children should be taught these facts about nutrition from an early age to prevent all the degenerative diseases that are so widespread nowadays.

    • That’s wonderful Lenka, you’re doing the right thing, taking very good care of your well-being, and for sure if families practice that at an early age with their children, there wouldn’t be so much obesity and illness derived from poor eating habit.  “Of course, give and take the unfortunate who are not able to maintain a good balance diet”. 
      Thanhs for your comment.

      Stay bless.


  5. Hello Elizabeth!

    That is a very unique and awesome one from you. Truly, maintaining a good state of wellbeing should be the utmost priority of everyone because health has a major connection to our happiness. Hence, it is important to be well within and outside the body.

    Thanks for sharing those tips on how to maintain good wellbeing.

    • Blessing Caro for your kind words and also please you enjoyed reading and got benefits from this. I do practice good health for my well being daily, and love to share it to the world.

      Stay well.


    • Hi there, Caro, I do apologize for such delay in not responding to you since you had left me such a great comment. I am very glad you were able to walk away with some helpful information
      on our wellbeing, cause our health is our greatest wealth.

      Thank you and stay blessed.


  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article and advice on healthy eating. I must admit, when it comes to fruit, especially Mangoes and the Sugary fruits, I could very easily get well carried away. So i should try harder to keep this in mind in the future. I really should eat more vegetables as well.

    • Many thanks Kwidzin for commenting, yes fruits and vegetables are a great fit for the body, and it is easily consumed by blending it and have it on an empty stomach daily. Then your solid meal an hour or two later.

      Stay blessed.


  7. Nice content, we have so many healthy fruits and vegetables around us and yet we fall for the junk food, we should create more content like this, good effort  Elizabeth! However, I think you should include a bit more appealing images from royalty-free images websites, and they are others like sites like that, and they have no watermark on them.

    • Thanks a great deàl for your comments, your suggestion is welcome, and I do need to do more research and write more contents for the better benefit to all.

      I was guilty of eating junk food too, but I got wiser, and it was because it had affected my health. Now I know better so I do better.

      Have a great day.


  8. Elisabeth, you have done well to prepare an article like this. I have always read that fruits are good for our health. But from this article is clear that some fruits are better than others. I was a fan of Mango, now I have to reduce my intake of mango since it has a very high sugar content. As for berries, I like straw berries and will continue to take more to stay healthy. Thanks for this and keep writing.

    • Thank you, Dr. Mau, for your kind comments, also you are welcome. If illness didn’t knock on my door, I would be still in the dark, I grew up on an island where all the fruits were organic and plentiful during my youth.

      However, since my cholesterol founding, I learned to research and educate myself in my intake. With everything there is moderation, so instead of eating two or a large mango, have a small one or slices of a large one, and that goes to all our intake, a small portion.

      Stay bless


  9. Since this pandemic started, my goal has been to keep a nutritious diet. I also want to maintaining a healthy weight. And this can only be achieved with discipline. I am excited about this journey. I personally loved mangos. But yeah, I will have to change them for berries and avocados.

    • Hi Ann Thanks for your comment on this post, I do follow this regiment too, especially since the pandemic, I mostly do smoothies daily. We only have one body it must be taken care of.

  10. Thanks for the information on fruits and vegetables and how it contributes to our health and wellness.  I have to admit I did not realize that mangoes contained that much sugar.  I think there’s an old saying that “everything in moderation”.  So like you said in the article…enjoy the mango just have a few slices and not the entire fruit.

    You also said there are many great options with berries, plums, lemons, and oranges and one of my favorites, grapefruits.

    The good news is that with all of these options there’s something for everyone.



    • Hi Richard, I am glad the article information is helpful, yes for myself too, I have changed my diet and have been mindful of my intake. Mongo is still one of my favorite fruits, but now that I know better, moderation is the best.

      You are absolutely correct, there are options to choose from, and grapefruit definitely is less surgery.

      I appreciate your comment. 


  11. Thanks for this great insight on fruits and sugar content. I have eaten a ton of mango without realizing how much sugar I was actually taking in! I agree that healthy diet choices are one of the biggest keys to a happy and healthy life. Vegetables are also something I need to get in to my diet more for overall health. Great article!

    • Hi Jerry, I appreciate your comments and that you have gotten helpful information from my article, during my health issue and research did, I knew I had to share.

  12. I completely agree that the first step to a healthy mind and body is getting your diet in check. 

    Learning more about the foods you are eating helps with this tremendously as it allows you to set goals and accurately track your progress based on the nutrients you are getting from everything you eat.

    Personally, I require a lot of protein in my diet in order to function at capacity. I don’t really like the idea of depending solely on meat for my protein though, and I am always looking for new ways to supplement my diet in a healthy way. 

    Do you have any suggestions on fruits are vegetables that provide adequate protein for me to start limiting the amount of meat in my diet?

    • Hello JerromyC, I appreciate your feedback and likes on my article. 

      My suggestion on some of the fruits and vegetables that are high in protein are black beans, lima beans, cauliflower, broccoli, these are plant base. Fruits like kiwi, banana, guava, blackberry, and raspberries are just a few. All these can be found in any fruit. And veggies store. 

      However, “This information doesn’t intend to diagnose, cure, or prescribe for treatment whatsoever, it is mainly information to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle of living.” 

  13. The doctor advised me to eat more mangoes to keep my cholesterol balance, but I have been afraid that mangoes will make me fatter. After reading your article, I know that adding some potassium to mango can prevent stroke, which is a very useful information for me.

    I’ve never liked lemon juice, but now I know it’s an important source of vitamin C and can improve skin health and lose weight. Although I really don’t like the taste, I will try to accept it. Thanks Elizabeth.

    • Hi, Julia thanks for your comment, and I am glad this information is of value to you because this is my intention. Please keep in mind that everything you do is in moderation, so when having any portion of a meal or snack, do it in moderation. I know, it worked for me.

  14. I recently went to my doctor and he suggested medication to reduce cholesterol arising out of a family history of heart disease. He did not include me trying to implement a balanced diet as you have articulated. Never knew that mangoes lower both the HDL and LDL forms of cholesterol. I also need to stay away from fruits that cause weight gain so I was leaning towards avocado but found out that it is high in cholesterol. I therefore will bring in more grapefruit which is abundant and I love. Thank you for all these tips I am going to see how best to implement them.

    • Happy 2022 Hugh, you know we are from the tropical Island with access to all kinds of helpful fruits and herbs that are great for our well being, and Grapefruit is one of them, do some research on the type of product to help cholesterol, that’s what I did when I was told mine was high, and I came upon the product (Nutrim) which is apart of my daily intake.

      However, as we get older our body slows down if we are not staying active all kinds of diseases developed including Cholesterol. Dr’s best diagnosis to this problem for us is that it is a family trait – what do they know, besides do the test and see what has developed in our blood.

      Thanks for sharing Hugh, stay blessed.



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