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Live Longer

Live longer Feel Better in life it’s a gift given by God the higher power, but we all must nurture this precious life given by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, getting plenty of rest/sleep, don’t abuse your body with the wrong type of food or drinks, and by these few small adjustments, longevity can be ours.

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I think the world would love the concept of living longer and the healthiest life, and who wouldn’t? Especially when we are getting older we are more conscious and being mindful of a better healthier lifestyle. As we matured in age our thinking status doesn’t operate as effectively and sharp as when we were much younger.

Being healthy and strong these days is a gem, with all that is happening around us and throughout the world. The Pandemic of the Coronavirus, Diabetics, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease and the list goes on and on when it comes to a disease that plagues our longevity of living longer. See live longer feel better products that can help to enhance your health.

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Feel Better

What can we do to have a healthy life where we all feel better, vibrant, and full of energy daily. Well, let start with how we eat, and what we eat.
From an adult’s point of view, we can make small changes as we go along in life, however, at our young age, we have no control over our intake unless our parent is conscious about healthy living.

So, making small changes to our normal routine can be very helpful, even though it is hard, but that is what we need to do, a little step at a time. Take into consideration it can and will be challenging.


Avoiding Fried and Processed Food

We can start by avoiding any form of fried and processed food, like fried chickens, chicken nuggets, French fries, hamburgers, donuts, processed food, hydrodragenerate vegetables oil when cooking, when we use and consume these types of food, it only causes our body to gain weight, get high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a host of other health problems.
With all the additives and chemicals that source the growth of food is only double toxic to our body.
Yes, I know it’s so much easier to grab a meal from a fast-food establishment that looks enticing and tasty, but that’s where the willpower comes in.

You have to be disciplined in what you eat. Plan your meal, don’t wait for the last minutes so when you cannot reach a solid decision, you decided on a quick meal from any of the many fast-food chains like McDonald, Wendy, Burger King, you get the picture.

Make Small Changes

Take a small portion of the meal instead of a larger portion, cut the serving in half, not two boils eggs, but one, not two slices of whole-wheat toast but one with a light spread of Truly Grass Fed unsalted butter. I mostly used this brand, sold in various supermarket change. Making small changes will enhance your life for the better.

In achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle diet changes is by eating healthy, doing regular physical activity and balancing calories intake, and taking in mind the calorie our body uses. Speaking from experience, managing our weight contributes to good health as we age.

(An example of healthy food) at an early age, growing up and being fed on sweet potatoes was a thing in our home we were fed on a lot of it, I thought because we were poor, and that’s all we had, and because this was cultivated in our back yard garden.

But in a sense, I discovered its benefit helps lower the risk for cancer, control diabetes blood sugar, obesity, and heart disease by lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Also, further researching this particular plant-based food which is healthy, and loaded in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, and C, which is a natural anti-inflammatory benefit and beneficial to memory and muscle movement.)

Making small changes are ways to help manage and maintain a healthy body, like reducing any stress, getting enough sleep at the least, 8 hours is ideal along with a healthy eating habit and regular physical activity will help greatly. Of course, don’t forget your fruits and vegetables should be included.

Watch What We Eat

It is so important to watch what we eat and drink because it does put a strain on our body and causes the main organs like our Kidney and Liver to work twice as hard to flush out all the toxic from our body.

So be mindful and practice a healthy diet, since what we eat enters into our blood, and if it is unhealthy, it can cause major damage to our health and well-being.

Here is some harmful food that affects our health, added sugary drinks which is bad for our health it increases your calories and can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Also, some fruit and fruit juices can spike your sugar even though there are some nutrition benefits to gain like antioxidants and vitamins.


Exercise and physical activity can benefit all areas of your life and body which does improve and maintain your physical fitness and strength, it gives you the ability to do the things you want to do like biking, jogging/running, tennis, bowling, hiking, and so much more.

Exercise helps to improve stress levels, reduces any form of depression or the ability to move swiftly, “from my experiences during a lockdown of Covid*19, with no form of exercise or activity task, I discovered I was very slow in movement, joints were stiff and painful”.

The experience was scary so I made changes and implemented more activity in my life well-being, each morning I make it my priority to do the stretches of my complete body, the benefits gained after a week was visual, joint pain was less, steps was brisker, energy higher, overall the notability of improvement in my well-being shows a great achievement in these changes.


To live longer is to practice a healthy lifestyle, by eating and drinking the best healthy meal that is nourishing to the body. When your overall body is functioning in the best capacity you do feel great and have vigor, your brain function to the fullest.

Avoid eating at a fast-food establishment is the best choice for a healthier life and making a small change in the intake of each meat, staying away from unhealthy and harmful food that will produce toxic to the body.

Incorporate exercise and some form of physical activity to maintain and help improve better health to live a longer and healthiest lifestyle.

The US Department Of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines For Americans 2015-2020 shows people improve their eating patterns, from the combination of foods and drinks.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below and I will be happy to help you.

Elizabeth Rockhead


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4 thoughts on “Live Longer And Feel Better”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I’m pleased to meet you.

    I love this, I could hardly wait to read it from just seeing the heading “Live Longer and Feel Better”. This is a very interesting and important post, I learned a lot here. Talking of processed foods, that is my great weakness, and now that I have read that I should avoid fried and processed foods, I will work on it. 

    This is helpful, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Kotontala for your great comment, you and I both, I  usually consume those kinds of meals all because it’s taste more delicious, but in the meantime, our body was suffering.

      My health has improved tremendously since I made changes. It will get better once you start. 

      To your health.


  2. People that were born those days used to leave longer lives and some of the reasons can be they ate healthier food and exercised a lot.

    It made them stronger as well. Reading and knowing this I should make a change to my lifestyle. It is not always easy but I will try. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks for stopping by Fatoumata, and you are welcome. I am practicing the same, it sure isn’t easy, but believe it or not, it is becoming much better as days go by.

      My eating is much better, working out is the challenge, but when I don’t go out due to covid-19, I utilize my room and yoga video on tv.  Best of success in your journey of small changes.


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