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Health History Before Nutrim Review

Throughout my teenage life through to adult life, I was always a very thin person in body size, extremely energetic, and very active in many kinds of sports like Jogging, Bowling, Tennis, and long walks just to name a few, you could not keep me down in any shape or form, I was always on the go.

Until the day I visited my physician for a routine visit, several tests were done including blood test, for diabetes, high potential, cholesterol, also EKG, and X-ray. A few days after that visit I was summoned by my physician’s nurse to return as a follow-up for the result. To my astonishment, all the goody juicy details were told, then came the BUT! I was calm, cause I feel fine with no pain or discomfort of any kind.

After all the explanation of my physician announcement, was this next information is not such great news for you.  However, as your physician, it’s important to let you know that you do have a heart problem, and this is the only way to give it to you straight.  My response was, what problem is that?

I asked, and his response was, there is one of your main arteries to your heart that feeds your heart with blood is 90% block and you need to get an operation immediately, otherwise, you will have a heart attack. Of course, he got my full attention.

Explanation Given On My Health

During that couple of hours I was given a full explanation, and details of what will be done from my physician, how, and when it will be done, the cause of the blockage, whereas I was not being careful in my diet, and the treatment thereof, when the operation should be, we will have to insert a stent in that artery, and the aftercare.

Ha, ha! The laugh was on me, cause I thought I was so healthy. The moral of my story is, It is always important to have a checkup at least two to three times per year with your Primary Care Physician.

After my surgery, which very successful, my Cardiologist placed me a strict diet plus on Statin medications and was told I am a very serious high risk of heart disease, and taking the statin medication was to prevent my arteries free from clogging again, especially with the stent in place, also I am to take into consideration that my body does build cholesterol on its own.

I followed my doctors’ advice and stick to the medication given, but they only made me feel sicker than before I ever went to see. When I consulted with him to update him on my feelings, I was told those were side effects. Which I understood because I had read the prescription details. He changed my medication three times, but all had bad side effects, I refuse to deal with those side effects and there got to be a better way.   

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Through Google Search on Cholesterol Cure Review, I came upon many kinds of great results in curing cholesterol, but this one unusual name Nutrim stood out, that I had never heard of before, so I continued my research and also viewed comments of other customers who had been taking it and they all had wonderful things to say about it.

My research took me an extra day to continue more research and reading more comments, also what’s it is made of and where it is the manufacture and is it approved by FDA, (United State Food and Drug Administration). After my full satisfaction with this product, I was convinced to give it a try.

Before using Nutrim I brought it to my doctors’ attention, he informed me to continue with medication prescribe for me, cause that is the best to help to manage and lowering my high cholesterol. Sad to say I was somewhat disappointed, however, I did not let that detour me, I placed an order for one month of Nutrim. The quantity of that month’s servings is 30 scoops which are fine with me to test the products for the lowering of the cholesterol.

Nutrim- Shows-Great-Result

I began using Nutrim after my extensive researches and read such great testimonials from many very satisfied customers. I was amazed after I started using Nutrim that this product had no unusual taste to it, but just simple tasteless. The recommended usage for the first time taking Nutrim was one scoop in your meal or drink once or twice daily.

The best part of using Nutrim it has no side effects, and it dissolved easily in an 8 oz glass of milk, (skim, soy, almond, etc.) or orange juice. I also change my diet to help support taking Nutrim, by adding other healthy foods of fruits, and vegetables that have more fiber.


After two months of taking Nutrim, I went to see my doctor for an update on my cholesterol, he was delighted to see some improvement with my total cholesterol of 264 to 253. I was very happy too. I continued taking Nutrim along with eating healthier by adding fruits and vegetables to my diet on a regular basis.

Since being on Nutrim my health had improved, because I felt it through my body in my movement up and down the stairs, going for a walk my steps are much swifter.

On my second two months visit to see my doctor, he was more amazed to see I was doing really well in health, my total cholesterol drop from 253 to 178, (not only that he stated my bad LDL need to be at a low of 100 or less, and the good HDL should be between 40-60,) in which I am getting there, the only problem, he stated that my body does make cholesterol, so I need to maintain it by doing some exercise along with my diet.

Nutrim -Review!-What-Is-It?

Nutrim review, is a cholesterol-lowering component oat B-glucan, an oat bran fiber developed by USDA. It is created through a patented process that releases the oat beta-glucan from the cell walls. The main benefits are to help reduce cholesterol by adding cholesterol-lowering oat beta-glucans to your diet.

Nutrim helps to curb your appetite from unhealthy foods, while the beta-glucans go to work flushing out cholesterol. It blocks fat and lowers cholesterol, and it’s so easy to use. This tasteless powder can be used in either foods or beverages.



Researchers now realize oat bran has always helped lower cholesterol. All that was missing was a way to incorporate oats into more foods. And finally, in 1998 the USDA came up with a solution, Nutrim. Dr. George Inglett invented a way to concentrate the water-friendly (soluble) portion of oats beta-glucans.

He came up with a process that would shear the beta-glucans from the oat bran cell wall. Once the process was complete, a powder was left behind. A concentrated powder allowed the cholesterol-lowering benefits of beta-glucans to be mixed into other non-oat foods.

Nutrim -Is-All-Natural-Eat Healthy-Foods

Nutrim is 100% oats. Nothing is added. It’s simply a patented technology to naturally concentrate the portion of the oat which helps flush out more cholesterol. Nutrim is designed to give you more of oat bran’s beta-glucan benefits. Even better, it allows you to choose the delivery vehicle. You could choose to use it in a juice, a smoothie, or even in soup.

Research study shows by using a combination of the right foods can lower cholesterol naturally just like a statin. Research also showed the type of several whole foods like barley, almonds, raw nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, and legumes add a great deal to fight against cholesterol, even high fatty foods like walnuts and extra virgin olive oil, and nuts are a great source of healthy fats that will show lots of benefits to cholesterol levels.

Nutrim was developed by a USDA Agricultural Research Service Hall of Fame scientist, Dr. George Inglett to make it easier to get the benefits of oats to help fight cholesterol. His patented process optimizes Nutrim’s viscosity, which is believed to be the key to Nutrim’s success. The specialized processing also creates a powder that is easy to mix and creates a luscious creamy texture for foods and beverages.

Nutrim -Help-In-Weight-Management18040fc2baed4a477405ce

Nutrim-Oat beta-glucans are a special type of fiber that can help slow the emptying of food from the stomach. This not only helps you to feel fullness but is believed to be one of the reasons why oat beta-glucans have been found to be beneficial for blood sugar balance.

This binds some calories you eat and carries them out of the body before they are even absorbed. Fiber is also helpful for cleansing the body which is important during any weight loss program.

Nutrim is also good to boost your immune system for it to function better because our bodies interact with the outside world. New substances are introduced to our body through our gut. Oat beta-glucans have been shown to have positive effects on immune function.

One explanation for this can be shown through its benefits to good bacteria. Good bacteria, or probiotics, help to enhance our resistance to infection from bad bacteria, yeasts, and parasites.

Good bacteria also stimulate positive immune function while helping to keep invasive microbes at bay. Nutrim and Oat beta-glucans are prebiotic, which means they can help stimulate the growth of probiotics or good bacteria. Nutrim specifically has been shown in research to increase the growth of good bacteria. Of the total bacteria in our bodies, a healthy balance is 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. Remarkably, scientists estimate that only 1-10% of total bacteria have even been discovered.

The Power Of Nutrim Is Not Only A Lowering Solution It …..

  1. Remove cholesterol from the body
  2. Inhibit cholesterol absorption
  3. Flush fats associated with high cholesterol
  4. Replace fats associated with high cholesterol
  5. Block cholesterol production when broken down by good bacteria.

bacteria in the gut






Nutrim The Best Way To Get Oats Benefit

Use in your beverages, or any form of recipes blended with fruits or vegetables which added additional fibers for a healthy superfood intake, it is just great. I have added a scoop to my soup whenever soup is on my menu on that given day or week. Here are some ways to enjoy this heart-healthy blend of oats beta-glucans

Berry Blast Smoothie  Nutrim-Oat-Brand-PowdeBest banana, Strawberry & smoothies

Makes 1 serving


1/2 cup soy or almond milk

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

1 scoop Nutrim powder

2 teaspoons stevia sweetener


1. In a blender combine all ingredients. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass and serve.

Tasty Vegan White Bean Soup

Makes 4 serving


1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil

1 medium onion, diced

1 medium carrot, chopped fine

4 large garlic cloves

4 cups water

4 scoops Nutrim powder

2 (15 ounce) cans cannellini beans, undrained

1 cup unsweetened unflavored soy or almond milk

1/4 teaspoon oregano

1/2 teaspoon basil

1/4 teaspoon rosemary

1/4 teaspoon thyme

1/4 teaspoon marjoram

1/2 teaspoon or more salt to taste

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/3 cup sun-dried red tomatoes in olive oil


1. Heat coconut oil in a 4-quart saucepan over medium heat.

2. Add onion, carrots, and garlic and saute until onions are cooked.

3. In a separate bowl, mix water with Nutrim powder.

4. Add the water/Nutrim, beans, milk, and seasonings to the saucepan with the vegetables.

5. Stir and reduce heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes or until carrots are tender.

6. Take half of the scoop and blend in a blender until smooth.

7. Return soup to bean mixture in pan and stir.

8. Ladle into bowls and garnish with sun-dried tomatoes.

9. Drizzle with olive oil before serving.

10. Top with fresh basil if desired.

Nutrim Review – Does It Work Or Not?

According to scientific claims has proven Nutrim is 100% oat bran or beta-glucan soluble fiber in the wall oats. The
cholesterol-lowering effects of oat beta-glucans have been well documented. In addition, there are medical benefits that re-leaf Inflammatory bowel disease which helps control blood sugar levels, also lowering the risk of rectal or colon cancer, and weight loss.

Nutrim Pros

  • Nutrim remove the cholesterol from the food you eat
  • It helps to lower your cholesterol
  • The flavor is tasteless and mixes easily in your drinks
  • You can use Nutrim to replace the fat in food.

Nutrim Cons

  • If you are allergic to oats
  • there are 30 calories to one scoop
  • Nutrim has only one ingredient
  • You can experience digestive issues from the fiber

Many of the well-known fruits, vegetables, and nuts that is loved by many people are in this bunch>

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For the sake of your good health, while maintaining a healthy diet, and eating the right non-processed food that is best for your body, whether your cholesterol is high or it is normal, Nutrim Oat Beta-Glucans can only enhance your overall health.

If you enjoyed this review, and If this sound appealing to you, and you have any question, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.



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4 thoughts on “Nutrim Review- Help Your Cholesterol”

  1. A healthy heart website. The pump of all pumps! 

    When you think about the human heart don’t you just stand in awe of God who created all human beings and living things with a heart. Fascinating! I studied Biology at school and then Applied Biology at Polytechnic when i was a student and i’m still fascinated by the human body and how it all works!

    The heart is mentioned many times in the Bible. King Solomon wrote much of the Book of Proverbs, mentioning the heart on numerous occasions!


    Also many others like Proverbs 4:23, Proverbs 13:12, Proverbs 14:30 mention the heart too.

    I browsed through your menu and read through your article, ‘The Benefits of a Healthy Heart’.

    I definitely need to eat more oats as they keep fuller longer than eating regular food like you said! 

    The oats that i love eating at the moment are tracker bars, oatmeal bars with fruit, cereal oat bars, oatmeal cookies and muffins.

    I really appreciate all your research that you do for your website.

    I love eating peanuts, cashew nuts and monkey nuts. Is it alright to eat oats raw?

    What brand of oatmeal is the healthiest, especially for the over 50 year olds?

    Thank you again for your web-site and may you remain healthy!

    Dayo 😊

    • Dayo, beautiful ring to your name,  🙂   Wonderful, you know your bible well, young at heart and knowledgeable with Gods word, and in your studies of the human hearts.

      Thank you very much for reading my review, it is wonderful your are an oat lover like myself, I enjoyed eating oatmeal bars, cereal and oatmeal cookies, you name it. 

      However, instead of eating those delicious treats regularly, I supplement my oat intake with the Nutrim powder of Oat B-Glucan which has the health benefits just the same but more soluble in our fiber intake. 

      The over 50 years old, cannot beat the over 70th years old 🙂 yea, I am so used to the old fashion brand, but I wouldn’t compare them because you get the same value in all oats, it depend on how it is prepared.  

      I do highly recommend taking Nutrim which can be use in your drinks or soup, or on any meal hot or cold, just sprinkle a scoop on your meal. It is also great for making smoothies; that’s the way I am consuming my daily oats intake.

      Bless you Dayo.


  2. I am a new user of Nutrim and have great hopes for lowering my cholestrol since I cannot take statins. My problem is that so far I have had trouble with the Nutrim dissolving. It works well with cooking oatmeal on top of the stove and stirring in the Nutrim with the oatmeal and cold water. It all cooks up great and is delicious. But mixing it with hot coffee, and hot chocolate is different. I end up with the cup of liquid and chunks of gooey stuff that won’t dissolve. I tried shaking it in a jar but no improvement. Everyone says it blends easily stirred into cold drinks. If it won’t dissolve in hot drinks, how can it possibly dissolve in cold liquid. I haven’t tried it in cold liquid but will soon without expecting much improvement.

    • Hi there Jeannette, I apologies in my timing with your response on Nutrim, I am please to say that it worked well for me both in hot and cold drinks;
      My hot cocoa I mixed both Cocoa and Nutrim together before I add water or milk to it, hot or cold. Most of the time I blend it in the blender, liquid
      first then the Nutrim. Try it that way and see. Let me know how it work out. Stay bless. Elizabeth


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