Selling Products Online Successfully

Selling products online successfully seems easy, but there are a lot of hard works involved. Selling online is unique because you can reach a large range of customers.

As the owner of this Website,, and  The products and services are mentioned herein. When you use the link on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission and you may get a great margin. In all cases, it is a win-win all around.

Consider the millions of potential customers that are reachable and are ready to take out their credit card and buy, however, even though there is also a massive competitor with a website that is seeking their attention too for those customers, that is why you should be knowledgeable in your products.

  • Get similar with what you are selling the more knowledgeable you are, your client will feel confident in you
  • Know your product and service, be unique so your customer can see the difference, and your competitor
  • Be prepared to answer various questions, your potential client want to know all about what they are going to buy
  • Huge knowledge of your product will assist in answering customers convincingly
  • Having confidence in speaking about your product or services gives clients confidence in you and trust you

Build A Websitewa_starter_350x350

First, you need to have a website to drive traffic to and have great products and services to offer, and the best part with online business is there is little or no overhead cost to sell online since there is no physical storefront to pay rent to.

Building your first website can be simple and fast when used the right tools, also can be slow at first when getting started, however, the more time and effort allotted in your website creation, your online store will be ready to promote (drive traffic) the more sales you will get. But first, you have to have something to sell.

Choose a Niche

Choosing the right niche can be a challenge, however, when you think of it there is really no right or wrong niche, because every product is considered a niche, and are marketable. But being passionate about the niche you are marketing carries a strong desire to work it well.

Niche’s that are high on the market are healthy food sources, exercise, software, e-books digital products, and at holidays throughout the years carries massive revenue from sales like men, women, and children clothing and accessories are in high demand, just to name a few.

Affiliate marketing is high on the products list, because of the economy, the pandemic, job shortages working at home, virtual schooling, and all the chaotic going on around the world, people globally are looking into affiliate marketing, online internetwork

So there is much to choose from. With the relevant content to your niche and consistent advertising, your online store can excel in profit in no time.

Marketing Your Site

An important point is to have several channels in which you are able to market your products like Social Media, Google Search Engine which is free with great content of your offer. And there is paid traffic that can be more effective in reaching the quality customer that is ready to buy.

Keep in mind that this is work because this does take time and effort, it can be overwhelming, but you have to be resourceful in growing your customer base to have a successful online store.

While your website is great and all, that is not enough, it is imperative to invest as much time and energy every day or weeks promoting your product and yourself. Being a business entrepreneur you are doing it all especially when you understand the business well enough, it can be very rewarding.

Take Action

  • Sending out emails to your list
  • Writing a blog or post
  • Have a great (killing) content
  • Share socially your product
  • Offer something free (e-book)
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram

These are some ways you can share your business for free and get massive results with the eyeball that sees what you have to offer and giving exposure to your online store will be successful.

Do Your Research

Focus on finding the right products to offer that serve a target market. when you find your ideal buyer everything should work out with a strategy on who your prospect is. To be successful your customer is looking for quality products that give value and consistency in what they are buying.

So it is important to know your products, will it help to solve a problem? what’s your competitor offering is it similar to your product? is it goods or services, what is the difference between yours and your competitors, are they offering something you don’t have?

In your research, take into play to be in the habit to write things down, because you can not always depend on your memory, therefore a notepad or notebook is required to jot things down like important dates, a person name, meetings, you get the point.

Secure websites

Having a secure website is vital to customers, showing that your site is secure and trusted by a third party like McAfee, Norton, and or other reputable secured companies. When handling credit cards online customers wants to be safe and sure your website is secure, and their information is protected.

Here is an alternative action to take into consideration when building your website there is an e-commerce platform in which they would handle your credit card payment for you, so you will be at ease to know that areas of importance for customers are in good hands.


There is hard work involved to sell your products online successfully, however, once you get all the concepts together you are selling online can be unique and rewarding. There are competitors in gathering your client/customer that you are also looking for.

It is imperative to be knowledgeable of your products or services, clients do ask questions and need clarity in your answer, for them to trust you more.

Building your trustworthy website is not difficult, many reputable website platforms are very accessible on the market both paid and free to start. Choosing your niche helps to be passionate about what you want to promote.

Taking action in your marketing your business, there are various ways to promote, like an email list, Social Media, pay per click, (PPC) free organic ad through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Using e-commerce to a third-party platform to secure your payment information is an option, but it gives you and your client peace of mind to know this website is safe.

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12 thoughts on “Selling Products Online Successfully”

  1. How might I go about finding out if a niche has the potential to be profitable or not? 

    I have lots of interests and ideas, but narrowing them down based on the potential numbers would be awesome for me. I have a hard time making moves until I know it will be worth my time or not; a little self-destructive I know, but I have taken chances in life that did not end well so having a little security blanket of information about the potential of a niche is necessary for me to decide on anything

    • Hi JerromyC, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your comment. From my understanding of the way Niches work, one has to be passionate about what they are marketing out to the public, in that way you can give value to the need of the customer. Therefore, when they see value in the content of your offer, you will get traffic, and the more traffic to your website, then the better you will see a monetary gain.

  2. I imagined this process way more complicated than it really is. Thank you for opening my eyes to this possibility. Being able to sell online is a great way to avoid being hit with social distancing. Lots of brick-and-mortar businesses had to close when no clients got to their shops for several months. So, online is our best alternative.
    Do I need to code CSS to be able to run my site?

    • Hi there, Abel, it is a pleasure to have your comment on my Niche, I would not say this is complicated, challenging yes, but it is like going to a university to study, but this is a lot different because with this platform (WA) you learn while you can earn, and everything in tools is right here including the code CSS for your site.  This WWW (world wide web) is the way for millions of people’s way in making a full or part-time living.

  3. I use to struggle to make money online, but I then realized that I was still new to the industry so I can’t be expecting to make hundreds of money. If you use these tips and you are just patient, trust me you will make a lot of money. Thank you for this article, I know a lot of people will love this article 

    • Hi there Daniel, thanks for your comment, and of course I shared your views too, that is why I have no intention to stop, I am reaching for the stars. 🙂

  4. Hey there Elizabeth,

    This is a great article with very useful information that every new affiliate marketer should know. I know choosing a niche has been a real challenge for me. Although I am in the health and fitness industry, it was too broad of a niche to start with. I needed to really break it down and be certain of my choice, especially if going to be spending months trying to build my site around this niche. Thanks for sharing.



    • Hi Lawrence, I share your voice in this health field of niches, it can be broad, however listening to Kyle’s training on Niche helps me to narrow down my search. Take another view of the video. 

      Thank you for your comment. Much success to you.


  5. Thank you for the tips to be successful online! How long does it take to make your first sale? Is there a way to determine that? Plus what niches currently are good to look at? I see many technology, health, finance and other websites. Thus, it must be hard to compete such establish websites. Any advice will be appreciated! 

    • Hello Bernard, thank you for visiting my post and leaving your comment.  To your questions, I will answer to the best of my ability. (1) I cannot put a time frame on when you get a sale, however, my first sale was around 9 months in the program, it was small from Amazon through the affiliate link from my website of the Amazon Associate Central program.

      (2) I am into the health field niche and based on the Cholesterol issue to lower it and get it under control; the product you can view here is Nutrim. I believe all niches are good to promote, you have to have your passion about what you decided to promote. 

      (3) It is a global competition in affiliate marketing, however, it is not going away and there is space for the millions of entrepreneur who is looking for what we are doing and are already in the field making their yearly sustainable income.

      Wealthy Affiliate has all you need in moving forward in setting up a profitable website, you just got to put in the work. Starting with your niche view this choose a niche.  

      Hope this helps some.

  6. Selling products from your website is a great way to make some money even having a full-time income but it is not easy. While the money can be good you have to put in the work. You must choose the right products and present them in the right way to convince your readers to buy from you. This business can be very lucrative but you must put in the work.

    • Hi Norman, thank you for your comment, and you are surely right on how it can be trying in selling products online successfully. It may sound easy but there is a lot of work to be done and done the right way for you to see success, that is why this great platform of Wealthy Affiliate is the best to guide you through to success.


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