Remove bad cholesterol at mealtime

Oat beta glucan powder can help, naturally, bring your numbers down

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take with medication?
Nutrim® is as safe to consume as oats or oat bran. Unless the doctor has restricted you from oat bran, there should be no issues taking Nutrim®. FutureCeuticals Direct recommends users consult their doctor prior to making any changes to current therapies.

What are the ingredients in Nutrim®?
There are no other ingredients in Nutrim® besides what you would find in oats. Nothing added at all!  The power is in the all natural processing developed by the USDA. Nutrim® is made from all natural oats grown only in North America. Nutrim® utilizes all natural, patented processing developed by the USDA.


Does Nutrim® have any side effects?
Nutrim® is derived from 100% natural oat bran. This makes Nutrim® generally well-tolerated unless the user has an oat allergy. People who typically consume low amounts of dietary fiber on a daily basis may go through an adjustment period as they adapt to higher fiber levels. This may include increased gas and bloating. If this occurs, it is recommended to start with one half scoop of Nutrim®, twice per day, increasing consumption as the body adjusts.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. Users can take Nutrim® with confidence. If after taking Nutrim®, a user is unsatisfied in any way they can call Customer Support at 800.862.0438 for a full refund. FutureCeuticals Direct has never refused a refund for any reason. Even if you purchase multiple orders and have all empty cans we still give you a full refund on all your orders in the first 90 days.


How long has Nutrim® been around?
Nutrim was developed in 1998 by Dr. Inglett at the USDA.

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Easy Nutrim® Recipes

Creamy Orange Smoothie
Mix 1 scoop Nutrim® with 8oz glass of OJ

Creamy Soup
Mix 1 scoop Nutrim® with bowl of soup

Rich, Creamy Low-Fat Gravy
Mix 1 scoop Nutrim® with 8oz Low-Fat Broth

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Nutrim® comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. We've never refused a refund for any reason.
 Questions? 800 862-0438

Dr. Inglett's new discovery:

  • Qualified for the FDA Heart Health Claim
  • Mixed easily into any food or beverage
  • Utilized all natural processing
  • Unleashed the most beneficial portion of oats
  • Maintained the rich, creamy texture of his original product

Eventually, Dr. Inglett made a breakthrough!

Give Nutrim a try if you are looking to remove bad cholesterol from foods as well as your body. It has never been easier to try out Nutrim! If you are not satisfied with your results, we offer a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee — so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • 2 Cans of Nutrim® Oat Beta Glucan Powder
     (1 Month Supply)
  • Lower Cholesterol Naturally: 30 Day Guide to Success
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Cholesterol Success Kit

Cholesterol Success Kit

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Easy to Use!

Enjoy the versatility that allows it to mix into virtually anything!

Stir it into:

  • Favorite beverages
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • Salad dressing

Add when baking

  • Pancake mix
  • Muffin mix
  • Cornbread mix

Use to replace fat when using:

  • Butter
  • Mayo
  • Sour cream
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Top 5 Foods to Lower Cholesterol Naturally 

5 Artichoke- Artichoke has been enjoyed for centuries and prized for its wonderful flavor. Artichokes contain an ingredient called cyranin, which helps improve bile flow. Bile is the main way the body gets rid of excess cholesterol. Research has shown artichoke leaf extract can help lower cholesterol.

4 Garlic-Garlic is a heart healthy powerhouse! Research has shown that garlic can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as help fight the collection of cholesterol in the arteries.

3 Nuts -Raw nuts are a great snack for weight management and heart health. This may seem counterintuitive based on the high fat content of nuts, but they are a great source of healthy fats. Research has shown nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachio nuts, and walnuts, may help lower the risk of heart disease

2 Beans-Beans are great souces of cholesterol lowering soluble fiber and a good source of protein. Beans are low in fat and contain no sugar. One suprising fact is that some beans are high in antioxidant activity. This means they can offer protection to heart health beyond their benefits for cholesterol. Pinto, black and small red beans are great high antioxidant choices.

Fighting cholesterol can be a winning battle

Why make a special meal just to get the cholesterol-fighting power of oat beta glucan into your diet. Do you want a side dish of oatmeal with your meal everyday? Now it is easy to get oat beta glucans into your diet by adding a powder, made from North American-sourced premium oats, and sprinkling it into your meals. 

Fighting cholesterol can be as easy as adding oat beta glucans into your morning orange juice. The USDA-developed process takes oats and turns it into a cholesterol-fighting powder. The powder mixes easily into any food or beverage — for creamy drinks, making foods richer, but has no taste to take away from the food's enjoyment.

This cholesterol-fighting powder, called Nutrim, will turn any healthy meal into a cholesterol fighter. Check out the video below to see how versatile, easy to use and helpful Nutrim can be in your fight to lower cholesterol.

A scientific method for removing bad cholesterol

Oatmeal is a great way to get oat beta glucans, but for some the taste is not what they are looking for.  

USDA Hall of Fame scientist, Dr. George Inglett, set out on a journey to find a better way to get oat's cholesterol lowering benefit every day. 

After years of exhaustive trial and error, Dr. Inglett came up with an easier solution to plain oats that grossed over $1 billion in product sales in one year.  

But he still was not satisfied...

An all-natural solution to fight cholesterol with food 

Wanting to create an all natural solution, Dr. Inglett continued his research, trying numerous chemical-free processes. Dr. Inglett found himself up against 3 major obstacles:   

  1. Creating an all natural solution without chemical or enzymatic processing.   
  2. Unleashing the most beneficial portion of oats without losing viscosity like his original solution. Oat ß-glucan viscosity is crucial for lowering cholesterol.   
  3. Maintaining the smooth, creamy texture that made his original discovery so popular. 

Dr. George Inglett

Paused...Message from Shirley F. left on Dec 10, 2010* - I was introduced to Nutrim from a physician, Dr. Robert Elliot out of Baton Rouge LA and I ordered the product... This is a very helpful product and I am so happy the Lord had it to come by my way. I would encourage anyone to try the product, get your blood work and test the product because it does work.
  • 01. Message from Shirley F. left on Dec 10, 2010* - I was introduced to Nutrim from a physician, Dr. Robert Elliot out of Baton Rouge LA and I ordered the product... This is a very helpful product and I am so happy the Lord had it to come by my way. I would encourage anyone to try the product, get your blood work and test the product because it does work. 0:48
  • 02. Message from Mike K. left on Oct 17 2017* - I've been battling this high cholesterol since I retired. I've tried everything ... My new blood test is the lowest I've ever been! 1:37
  • 03. Message from Betty P. left on Feb 14, 2011* - My cholesterol has come down- naturally. 1:11
  • 04. Message from Phillip B. left on Feb 18, 2015* - He wanted the name of it so that he could recommend it to his patients 2:12
  • 05. Message from Lynn P. left on July 18, 2011* - Your numbers aren't good, their great! 0:38
  • 06. Message from Susan M. left on Nov 28, 2017* - I'm very pleased with the results that I accomplished with lowering my cholesterol 1:34
  • 07. Message from Dee Ann left on Dec 21, 2010* - I have enjoyed having the product because it's helped to lower my cholesterol 0:24
  • 08. Message from Cathy M. left on Sept 19, 2012* - I have tried everything natural to bring my cholesterol down to no avail until I found your product Nutrim 0:32
  • 09. Message from Candace S. left on Dec 6, 2010* - Everything is in normal range 0:19
  • 10. Message from Betty B. left on Aug 22, 2012* - I am happy to say my cholesterol dropped in a period of 3 months time 1:00

Dr. Citron Recommends Nutrim® Based on His Personal Results

"After just 6 weeks my total cholesterol dropped from 284 to 200!"*

Click Here to Read Dr. Citron's Full Testimonial

   Start Adding the Cholesterol Lowering Power of Oats Every Day!

 What you need in order to reduce cholesterol naturally is not more oatmeal... it's more ß-glucans. Nutrim Has about 3x More ß-glucans per gram than oatmeal! Don't endure plain oatmeal or defeat your diet with added fat and sugar. Nutrim is a powder that can easily be added to what you already eat . Plus, chemical-free processing and no additives mean there are no questionable ingredients. There is nothing in Nutrim but what is naturally found in oats!

  • No added chemicals, enzymes or preservatives
  • Non-GMO Project Verified, only one ingredient
  • Virtually tasteless, no added colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • Adds a rich creaminess to any food or beverage
  • Smooth, easy to mix powder that's never gritty
  • Makes smoothies smoother, milk creamier, and soups richer

Cholesterol Success Stories 

*Results are exceptional. Since everyone is different, results will vary.

Has a recent doctor visit resulted in a high cholesterol diagnosis Solutions 
are what you are looking for, not confusing dataThere are natural, effective alternatives to battle high cholesterol.

A bad cholesterol report from your doctor — while being scary —
is not the end of the world. High cholesterol affects 20 million 
adults over the age of 20, according to the Center for Disease 
Control — so you are not alone! There is a natural, easy way 
to remove cholesterol and take back control of your health.

Beta glucan, found in oats, has been proven to remove bad 
cholesterol by binding to it and removing it safely from your food 
and body. Oat beta glucan consistently show benefits for 
cholesterol, so much so that the FDA has allowed a heart health 
claim to be made because of its affects on cholesterol.